We are please to invite you to our first group exhibition for 2012.


Passed down through the centuries from generation to generation, it would be hard to think of any story these days that hasn't drawn inspiration from a fairytale or fable.

These classic tales and short stories sparked our imagination as children to dream of magical lands far, far away.

But peeking behind the curtain of Enchanted Forests, Princes and Princesses, and 'Happy Ever Afters' lies sinister and twisted tales of murderous plots, poisonings, kidnappings and wickedly evil Stepmothers!

ArtBoy Gallery threw down the challenge for artists to create an original piece of fan art based on or inspired by their favourite fairytale or fable...Over 40 amazing artists did not disappoint!

So just before the sun sets on Friday 16th of March travel deep into the Dark Forest of Prahran and follow the trail of breadcrumbs and that will lead you to the door of ArtBoy Gallery.

Opening Night: All are welcome. Open from 6 - 8:30pm

Artists include: Matthew Dunn, Bruyn, Nicole Tattersall, Ishi, RJW, Rachee Renee, Brett Willis, Mike Adey, Rebecca Murphy, Rival Revolution, Lindsay Walker, Allain DeLeon, Tassj Brodie, (C)ALM and more...

At the end of the exhibition, ArtBoy Gallery will award one participating artist a 2.5m x 3m designated wall space for a month to showcase a body of work.

Also up for grabs, a team of Melbourne writers from CURVY will be attending 'FAIRYTALES & FABLES” to select one artist to be featured on the CURVY website and award them an issue of CURVY - How exciting!!!

See you at the opening !!